Bill Maher Destroys ‘The View’

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( – On Tuesday, comedian and HBO host Bill Maher locked horns with the ladies on “The View,” when he expressed his belief that refusing to criticize President Joe Biden could sacrifice their credibility.

Joy Behar, a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” shared that she felt “nervous” to “say anything against” the President, questioning if Maher ever felt “afraid” that he’d “influence people… on the fence?”

Maher replied that he didn’t pull punches as he believed he’d “lose all credibility,” given his bond with his audience was rooted in a common understanding that although they might not agree with everything he says, they know that what he says he “really think[s] is true.”

Although he is a liberal, Maher hasn’t held back from critiquing Democrats for their woke ideology, the management of the pandemic, and how viable Biden would be on the ballot.

Maher acknowledged that while Biden was only a few years older than former President Donald Trump, he behaved as though he was much older, describing the President as “cadaver-like” when making a speech.

Behar pushed back. 

“His brain is good,” The View co-host interjected, prompting Maher to compare Biden to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late Supreme Court Justice, whom Democrats criticized for not resigning while a Democratic President was in office.

Maher recalled former President Barack Obama inviting Ginsburg to the White House in 2013, to hint that she should be “spend[ing] more time with the grandkids,” but she overstayed her time on the Supreme Court, which he suggested is the reason SCOTUS is “a pretty right-wing organization.”

He suggested Biden shouldn’t have a similar legacy, but suggested the President’s “ego” prevented him from giving up now.

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