Biden’s White House Flips Entire Border Crisis Onto Republicans

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – Last week, the Biden administration referred to the collapse of the bipartisan border deal as contradictory to the support that Border Patrol had shown by endorsing the deal. 

In a memo, Andrew Bates, the White House deputy press secretary, noted that the situation with law enforcement at the U.S. southern border was becoming “more urgent” and that Border Patrol had requested from Congress additional funding. Still, as he pointed out, GOP lawmakers, following along the line of reasoning of former President Donald Trump who had argued that a border deal would “hurt his personal politics” have repeatedly opposed those who serve at the border. He added that Congressional Republicans have happily been using “border photo ops for years.” 

Still, as he pointed out the Department of Homeland Security was now running out of money to run its operations, and yet Congressional Republicans are “saying ‘no’” and preferring to support the former President, “fentanyl traffickers” and “smugglers” instead of the Border Patrol and law enforcement officials. 

Earlier this week, President Biden in his remarks had pointed out that the National Border Patrol Council had endorsed the bill. The union had previously endorsed Trump in 2020. Biden also proceeded to blame Trump for the heavy opposition against the bill and argued that he had blasted the bill to further his political purposes and had even intimidated Republican lawmakers to get them to oppose the bill. 

It is also argued in the memo that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) “mocked” Border Patrol for providing their endorsement of the border bill.

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