Biden Unveils Insulting Ad Targeted Towards Black Voters

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, Republican Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina) slammed an ad from President Joe Biden’s campaign targeting Black voters, describing it as “insulting.”

While touting former President Donald Trump’s work for the Black community, Scott told the hosts of CNN’s “State of the Union” that under Trump, “we were better off.”

Scott’s remarks came in response to a question about his comments on the Biden ad. Scott claimed that “two things” were “driving” Black voters to Trump, listing wages, suggesting they “were going up” under the former President.

Biden’s campaign released the ad levying several attacks against the former President for his treatment of the Black community. In the ad, a narrator claims Trump’s disrespect for “Black folk is nothing new.”

It claims the former President “stood with violent white supremacists” while warning that there’d be a “bloodbath” should he lose again in 2024 and “vowed to be a dictator” if he wins.

Scott attempted to discredit Biden’s record among the Black community, pointing to Biden’s prior controversial remarks, dating as far back as 1977.

The South Carolina Republican referenced remarks Biden made about “racial justice in America,” in which the President described “racial jungles as a result of desegregation.”

Scott’s comments are a reference to remarks Biden made in 1977, in which he claimed “orderly” racial integration policies would mean his children would “grow up in a racial jungle.”

Scott also noted more recent remarks Biden made in 2020, in which he claimed Black voters weren’t Black if they didn’t vote for him, questioning how an “old white dude” told him he couldn’t be Black if he hadn’t voted for him.

The Republican Senator then accused Biden of supporting educational segregation but didn’t elaborate on how he reached that conclusion. 

He then went on to note that only Biden’s economy was “restraining Black folks economically.”

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