Biden Panics After Lawmakers Ask Him To Do What?

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – GOP senators have urged President Biden to recognize Respect Life Month this October by featuring a pro-life flag at the White House, similar to the display for LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June.

A letter to the White House, penned by Senators Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, and Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, prompted President Biden to display the Pro-Life Flag in October. They stated, “The White House displayed the Pride Flag during Pride Month. We request that you recognize Respect Life Month by hoisting the Pro-Life Flag, symbolizing our nation’s dedication to preserving and respecting all lives.”

The senators emphasized that the core value of safeguarding both unborn children and mothers resonates with Americans everywhere. They wrote, “Raising the Pro-Life Flag would exemplify the federal government’s support for the fundamental right to life for everyone, including the unborn.”

Every October, the U.S. Catholic Church observes Respect Life Month. The first Sunday of the month is recognized as Respect Life Sunday. This period encourages contemplation on the importance of each human life and the promotion of a culture cherishing life from its inception to its natural end, as noted by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Earlier in the year, President Biden faced criticism over the Pride Month flag arrangement at the White House, as some believed it breached the U.S. Flag Code.

In a social media post celebrating the LGBT community, President Biden showcased a series of flags at the White House overlooking the South Lawn. The arrangement, with a Pride flag between two U.S. flags, stirred debate, with some arguing it infringed the U.S. Flag Code regarding flag positioning.

The Pro-Life Flag, which GOP members wish to see displayed, was designed by the Pro-Life Flag Project as a symbol for anti-abortion advocates.

James Chapman, a spokesperson for the project, stated, “We envision the pro-life flag as a beacon, rallying those against abortion. Like the rainbow flag’s significance to the LGBTQ movement or the Thin Blue Line flag’s association with law enforcement, the pro-life flag can galvanize supporters. Its design not only captures the movement’s essence but also challenges global perceptions of abortion and combats negative stereotypes.”

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