Biden Chilling Confession About Israel

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

( – On Monday, President Biden argued that should Hamas release the hostages they seized, he would be willing to participate in cease-fire talks between Israel and the Palestinian militant group.

When a reporter asked Biden whether the U.S. would be willing to support a cease-fire in exchange for a hostage deal, the president argued that the hostages needed to first be released before they started to talk.

Following the attack on October 7 by Hamas, over 200 hostages had been taken from Israel. Some of the hostages taken by Hamas have been American citizens with whom the U.S. has been attempting to reach a deal since their taking. Last week, Qatar brokered a deal with Hamas, which allowed for the release of two Americans, a mother-and-daughter duo.

In retaliation for the attack on Oct. 7, Israel has been bombing Gaza, causing thousands of people to lose their lives. According to a report by The Associated Press, while Biden made these remarks on Monday, two other hostages were also released.

John Kirby, the national security spokesperson, stated on Monday that there were still some Americans who were hostages to Hamas. He further stated that there were more than 10 Americans who were unaccounted for.

So far, the White House has avoided answering whether they were pushing for Israel to delay its ground invasion in the hopes that more people would be released by Hamas.

One reporter also asked Biden about his Sunday phone call with Pope Francis, to which the president stated that they agreed on the recent developments in Israel and Gaza.

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