Biden Caught Hiding Essential U.S. Data

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

( – Over 25 governors, led by Gov. Greg Gianforte of Montana, have written a letter to President Biden requesting information regarding the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. The detailed information requested included information about the locations the migrants were heading to, migrant removals, and asylum claims. They further pointed out that many states are having to face high costs as a result of the migrant crisis.

In the letter, the governors point out that the policies followed by the Biden administration have been incentivizing migrants to illegally cross into the country. They add that their states are the ones left having to handle the burden of the illegal crossings and the cartel’s drug and human trafficking endeavors. As they point out, it is the state that has to deal with full shelters, food pantries that have been emptied, and stretching its law enforcement capabilities.

They proceed to request that the President provide an “honest, accurate, and detailed” account of where the migrants who enter through the southern border are heading within the country, as well as information about asylum claims and qualification rates, as well as the number of successful deportations.

While the number of illegal crossings dropped in June, it has once again been picking back up, and according to some sources, the August numbers are going to be at approximately 230,000 encounters.

Many Border Patrol sectors are currently having to deal with overcrowding as a result of the surge, which has led to them needing to release migrants onto the streets of San Diego and Tucson. Fox noted in a report that leadership has been pushing for faster processing times for the removal or release of migrants.

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