Armed Homeowner Gets His Guns Taken Away

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

( – A homeowner from Los Angeles who had previously used his firearm in defense of his home and family from apparent would-be robbers while in his house stated that only a few days after a shoot-out in his neighborhood, his concealed carry permit was removed.

Vince Ricci stated in a video that was given to the NRA and then shared with Fox News Digital that following his usage of his firearm in defense of his home and 5-month-old child, the state was taking away his Second Amendment right. As he revealed on Thursday morning, he had received a call from the sheriff’s office who had told him about his permit being “revoked” after he allegedly yelled at Los Angeles police officers who had gone to his home to investigate the shooting around three days after it occurred.

Ricci previously criticized the Los Angeles Police Department for doing “sloppy police” work and stated that they had not even picked up the casings that were close to his home to use them as evidence.

The sheriff’s office has not yet put out a statement in response to these allegations. It is also not yet clear what factors played into his permit being removed.

The shoot-out occurred on Nov. 4 outside Ricci’s home. Reportedly, two men had jumped into his gated Los Angeles house and attempted to forcibly enter the house while Ricci was trying to enter the home. Inside the home were Ricci’s child, wife, and the family’s nanny.

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