Another Trump Is Now Entering Politics

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, former President Donald Trump issued a statement endorsing the North Carolina GOP head Michael Whatley to become the next Republican National Committee (RNC) chair. He also expressed support for Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law to serve as co-chair. 

Trump stated that the RNC needed to be “a good partner” and that it needed to also work in the Presidential election. He noted that as part of these duties, they should help ensure transparency in the elections, and help get voters to the ballots, even in areas in the country where such a move is not easy. He added that this also meant working with his campaign in order to win this presidential election. 

If Trump’s preferred candidates are selected as the new chair and co-chair of the RNC it would mark the former President’s complete takeover of the committee. 

Ronna McDaniel, who is the current Republican National Committee chair is widely expected to resign after the Feb. 24 South Carolina primary. McDaniel has served as the chair since 2017. Trump’s endorsement of Whatley comes before McDaniel’s announcement. 

In his endorsement, he praised Whatley for his commitment to “election integrity.” Whatley has been an avid supporter of Trump’s unfounded claims of fraud in the 2020 election. Lara Trump, who the former President proposed as co-chair is also someone whom Trump views as dedicated to MAGA and argued that she was a “talented communicator.”

Lara Trump is Trump’s daughter-in-law and has been involved with the RNC and GOP donors since Trump’s first administration. 

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