America’s Teachers Suffering More Than We Think

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – The Illinois Policy Institute recently found that the progressive Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) president owes more than $5,000 in unpaid utility bills.

The non-profit group found that CTU president Stacy Davis Gates, who has a salary of over $289,000 per year, has unpaid utility bills, including trash, sewer, and water bills, that amount to $5,579.

The documents further reveal that in July 2023, in order to handle this debt, Davis Gates set up a payment plan; however, it is currently unclear where she is on the payments as she had quickly defaulted. The IPI report points out that the most recent evidence is just further proof of her hypocrisy and of how she lacked accountability both in her personal and professional life.

The city has had a total of $6.4 billion owed in unpaid fines, fees, and debts since 1990, which means that the amount Davis Gates owes is only a small part of everything owed. These latest unpaid bills are only the latest instance of the “hypocrisy” that many have criticized her for.

WGN, a local news outlet, reported last month that Davis Gates was also billed for back taxes that concern a home in Indiana, which she claimed was her primary residence in 2007, during her time working as a public school teacher in Chicago. For that home, she had been granted a homestead tax exemption, which is active to this day. This “unlawful deduction” has now resulted in her needing to pay back taxes.

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