Americans Trapped In Israel

Photo by Shai Pal on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, Miriam E. Rocah, the Westchester County District Attorney, confirmed that there were six local law enforcement leaders who had traveled to Israel on October 5 as part of a 32-member delegation. The delegation was meant to be in the country for training, but they are currently awaiting being evacuated from the country.

Rocah stated that from their office, a deputy chief investigator is currently in Israel for “an international counterterrorism and antisemitism training.” She added that she had received information from the deputy chief about the delegation being near the Gaza Strip and that everything possible was being done in order to ensure their safe return to the United States.

She added that she was “overcome with emotions” over the events taking place in Israel and that she was grateful that her colleagues protected her during their early evacuation from the country.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also released a statement to CBS News about the New Yorkers who were stuck in Israel. When asked whether she knew the number of New Yorkers in Israel currently, Hochul replied that they were attempting to get a headcount for that. She added that they are communicating with both the State Department and embassies.

Hochul then noted that she has personally spoken with many New Yorkers currently located in Israel, with some even being in Tel Aviv, which is currently under attack. As she pointed out, the current discussions were about being able to get New Yorkers out of the country safely.

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