America Ordered To Reduce Meat Consumption

Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

( – The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) is expected to publish in the next few weeks a roadmap that will call for the West to decrease the consumption of meat. The organization which is responsible for overseeing policies regarding food and agriculture, is going to be publishing the global food systems’ road map in the COP28 climate summit in Dubai which is set to start on Thursday. The summit is going to extend for around two weeks until the middle of December.

This will be the first such document that the FAO will have created in which they are going to recommend that nations stop the overconsumption of meat in an effort to bring down the levels of greenhouse emissions.

FAIRR Initiative founder and chair Jeremy Coller noted that the meat and dairy industry’s failure to cut down emissions shows that there is an urgent need for more policies that are focused on the agriculture and food sectors. He added that food system emissions were one of the key parts of the discussion, including transport and energy. As he pointed out, currently the estimation is that 40 percent of methane and one-third of greenhouse emissions are the result of the food industry.

Apart from the new guidelines regarding meat consumption, the FAO is also likely to highlight the moves that farmers could take to adapt to the “erratic” and rapidly changing weather, as well as guidance on how to reduce the emissions produced from food waste and fertilizers.

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