Airline Pilot Did WHAT Before Takeoff?!

Photo by Andrés Dallimonti on Unsplash

( – British Airways pilot Mike Beaton was suspended and later fired after he had reportedly snorted illicit drugs the night before a flight returning to London from Johannesburg.

Last month, Beaton had a night off after a flight to Johannesburg. During his time off, he drank large amounts of alcohol and snorted drugs from a woman’s chest. This was revealed in a report in the New York Post.

The married pilot, who is the father of one, recounted his exploits from that night to one of the other crew members before a flight returning to London. As he had told her in a message exchange, he had been a “very naughty boy.” In the text messages, he had also revealed that the previous night he had met with a Welsh woman, a young Spanish woman, and two local men at a nightclub in the city and had been drinking for hours before eventually ending up in the apartment of one of the two men.

As he revealed, the Welsh woman had decided that he should be her boyfriend, and the Spanish woman had “hooked up” with one of the other guys.

The pilot continued to recount how the women had danced topless and that someone had brought cocaine for them to do so. After a debate with the others, they decided which person had the best chest to “do a bump off,” which is how he ended up snorting drugs off the chest of one of the girls.

The crew member had reported the man’s affair to the airline, which led to a delay in the flight and ended up costing the airline $120,000.

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