2024 Candidate Declares WAR On The FBI!

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – On Friday, Republican presidential candidate and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy told Fox News that if elected to the White House, he would completely “shut down the FBI” and that the 15,000 agents working there would be relocated to other law enforcement agencies.

During his appearance on “John Bachman Now,” Ramaswamy was asked about the legal troubles that former President Donald Trump was facing. In response, he argued that he was not looking at his “opportunities” but was rather focused on principles. As he argued, he was currently polling in third place across the nation in the Republican primary polls. He added that while it would be significantly easier for him if Trump was completely eliminated from the presidential primary, this is not what he wanted to see happen.

He added that his goal was to prove to voters that he was the correct option for leading the America First Agenda. As he pointed out, a dangerous precedent was being set if the party in power used police enforcement to eliminate its political opponents. He then proceeded to say that he has always been an outspoken opponent of this position and that he believes it is wrong for the country, which is why he would work to restore the standard of law in the U.S. if he wins the presidential election.

As he argued, what he means when he talks about overhauling the Justice Department and shutting down the FBI is that those who are the reason for the politicization would be sent back to the private sector, but those who perform good work would move to other agencies.

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